Who We Are

Our company is proud to introduce an innovative and very unique attraction that has been proven to amuse and entertain people of all ages. Well-designed, extreme, fun, acrobatic, spectacular, totally safe, innovative… words fail us to adequately describe this new interactive attraction.

Feel the fun of bungee jumping without the risk! Experience the exciting thrill of weightlessness. Bounce up high in the air, flipping forward and backward. A special harness safety feature keeps players centered over the trampoline and protects jumpers from injuries.

Facilitating bungy cord powered jumps up to gravity-defying heights, and the chance for participants of all ages and skill levels to experiment with acrobatic movements, the Bunny-Trampoline has become a classic crowd favorite in leisure and recreation facilities and events around the world.

“Who We Are ?” We are one of the manufacturers and exporters in INDIA offering the world an unparalleled selection of Sports bouncing Equipments like Re bounders, Bungy Trampoline, Bungy Ejection, Inflatables, Billiard Tables, Pool Tables, Trains, Zip line, All Spare parts and etc. with high quality product and supported locally by the best dealer network in the Business.